Minimum $200 order at wholesale prices to qualify as a WHOLESALE BUYER.

In order to see "WHOLESALE PRICES" you have to "SIGN IN or REGISTER" indicating your company name, call us at (347) 228-9655  or email through the "Contact Us" page to notify that you are a Wholesale Buyer.  After verification of your information we assign you a wholesale status and you would be able to see our wholesale prices instead of retail prices. 

As a WHOLESALE BUYER you can leave your order in the "RETAIL CART".  After assigning you a WHOLESALE  BUYER STATUS the "RETAIL" prices would be changed to "WHOLESALE". In order to see new Wholesale Prices you have to "Log Out" and "Sign In" again. We will send you detailed instruction for navigation with your wholesale order depending of your payment method.

All our RETAIL Discounts and Promotions are not valid for WHOLESALE prices!!!  We will send you  discount codes for your order separately if they are to apply. See below our Wholesale Discounts and Promotions.

We charge additional 2.7%  of the total order amount if you use credit card for payment.

Additional WHOLESALE Discounts and Promotions:

  • Free SHIPPING with $1,000 order and up; 
  • 5% discount plus Free Shipping with $2,000 order and up; 
  • 7.5% discount plus Free Shipping with $3,000 order and up; 
  • 10% discount plus Free Shipping with $5,000 order and up.